Friday, November 18, 2016

Kitchen Islands-Some Thoughts

I not a builder or an interior decorator...just someone who enjoys my time in the kitchen and watching those “fixer upper” and house flip shows. I’ve noticed they usually seem “standard” in the ”MacMansion” size homes. They vary in smaller homes from not having one to various sizes.

If you looking at a new home or remodeling what you have, some thoughts and suggestions.
First, islands can serve a single or multiple purpose. They can simply be used as additional counter/prep space or function as an eating area, serving area, cooking area  or some combination of all these depending on your needs or life style. I’ve found that islands create a gathering space during for dinner parties.Large ones are usually fixed in place. Small versions can be ‘mobile’.

Pictures are worth a thousand words……

Just some food for thought. If you found helpful or not, I welcome any comments or your own ideas.

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