Thursday, November 10, 2016

Red Wine with Steak…White Wine with Fish…Maybe Not…..

A few years back I found an article in a popular cooking magazine that had a great idea for a small dinner party…..”small” because the premise can get expensive for more than one or two couples.
Traditionally, we have been taught that red meat is best served with a good red wine and fish (or any white meat) is best enjoyed with a good white.
The article suggested adapting those “norms” to your own personal taste.
Here’s the expensive part….you set your table with 5-6 glasses of assorted wines…2 dry reds...2 dry whites… a sweet dessert wine and a champagne.
Then create a multi course meal with…each one doesn’t have be entrée’ size portions.
You sample a taste of several wines with each course and decide for yourself which brings out the most flavor and enjoyment for you.
I used the idea for an upscale New Year’s Eve dinner party, but I’m sure you can do the same thing with a more casual menu.

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